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6 Ways to Celebrate Lent

6 ways to celebrate Lent

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Days from now we shall enter into the threshold of a great mystery in the Catholic faith.  The season of lent will invite us once again to make an offering of ourselves in many ways.  All these sacrifices and offerings that we make year after year are done out of love for God. However, if it had been done so routinely it becomes so boring and outdated. If you want to experience different this year, try considering the following:

  1. Negative criticism and talks.

It is seldom we do not hear persons who never say negative criticisms or comments on another person.  Each one of us has a fair share of guilt.  However, during this season of lent, we do not give up such habit so engrained in us rather we use our weakness as strength.  Therefore, criticize but “say only words that men need to hear, words that will really help them”

  1. Gadgets and Surfing.

We all have this level of attachments to our gadgets and surfing the net.  We spend almost always our time catching up with the upbeat around us. We keep on checking our phones for messages and or the net.  Here’s my piece of advice: NO GADGETS/INTERNET-WEB BROWSING SACRIFICE.   You read it right! Take this time to use these things wisely.  Instead of a non-stop selfie and groupie with friends, why not upload something that is relevant to the season? Or maybe, reflections, insights that you have that may inspire others- who knows? Use your Iphones, Ipad, cellphones etc. as a means to evangelize your contact lists. Be an online evangelizer.

  1. Travel and Tour.

The greatest mistake that one can ever do is to give up traveling and touring during lent.  Why? Should we be forlorn during these days of lent? Take those bags and comfy walking shoes and be up for a pilgrimage. Visits the site where the Holy Father has declared as holy door and or visit any holy places within your local vicinities or abroad.  Pilgrimage is far more delightful and high-spirited than the usual travel because it’s a journey inward than outward.

  1. Stay in the streets.

Lent is no homebuddy thing. Go out into the streets and don’t be afraid to make a mess.  Party in the streets- feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty.  Give clothes to the naked, shelter the homeless ( be a generous host and adopt during this season not only during Christmas) or visit the imprisoned and be their companion or be a source of strength as you visit the sick and help ease the burden of others as you stand by them as they bury their dead.

  1. Eat.

Christ Jesus himself partied because He knew well that it is in mealtime that He is able to reach out to people, he is able to listen and see their needs. EAT. Eat with people you hate and you will discover their own beauties; eat with those whom you dislike you might be surprised they too, have a share of distasteful experiences.  Eat with those whom you erred they long to reach out to you. EAT and BE RECONCILED.

  1. Be loud.

When was the last time you were loud?  This season, be bold and be courageous, be loud-to speak and share your God and your faith experiences not only to those whom you knew but above all to those whom you consider the least among your circles. But as Jesus rightly puts it “no prophet is honored in his native place.” Be Missionaries. Be one of the appointed seventy-two!



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