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Day to day Guide: 8-days Ignatian Retreat



reality of sin2

THEME:  My Favorite Sin

GRACE: Lord Jesus I beg for the grace to understand truly the nature of sin, its woeful effects on me and on others around me, to abhor it and to seriously amend my life.


  1. Romans 7:14-25 (I don’t do what I want to do but I hate) – We can’t change ourselves alone, we need the grace of God and its god alone who can change us
  2. Luke 18:9-16 (Parable of the Pharisee and the Publican) – Beware of yourself righteousness. Be humble
  3. Luke 15:11-32 (Sin of Self-entitlement and Self-righteousness)
  4. James 3:1-12 (With our tongue we praise God and curse others)
  5. Luke 17:11-19 (Sin of Ingratitude)



  1. What are your favorite sins? What are your favorite sinful patterns?
  2. How do these favorite sins and sinful pattern reflect the gravity of your fundamental option on life (your basic option and direction whether your entire life really is for God and for others or merely just for yourself)
  3. How do you hurt others and yourself?
  4. What are the root of your favorite sin and sinful patterns?
  5. What are your attachments? Do they serve you?
  6. What sinful structures in particular do you see in your community/society/family/workplace/friends?
  7. Are you part of theses sinful structures contributing directly or indirectly to its evil and corrupt ways? If yes, take time to name and define them.
  8. End by being truly contrite and beg for God’s healing mercy and trust in God’s healing and mercy.




Insight from the listener:


Wash me from my guilt and cleanse from my sins. Lord, I am worthy to receive you, but by your words I shall be healed.



  • Florge, SJ (Facilitator)


Member of Sisters of St.Paul of Chartres (SPC) Vocation Promotion, Program Coordinator for Catechetical Ministry, Pastoral Worker, Campus Minister, Blogger sometimes, Contributor: Philippine Echoes

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