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Day to day Guide:8-days Ignatian Retreat

Day 5 Contemplating Christ looking at us


Theme: Person of Christ: Ministry of Healing and Reconciling


My Lord Jesus, I beg for a deep, interior knowledge of your person, your Gospel values and especially your way of loving, so that I can all the more fall in love with you, follow you and learn to love as you love.

Scriptural readings:

Mk 10: 46-52 (Bartimaeus) – the virtue of perseverance

Jn 4: 4-42 (Samaritan Woman) – God meets us where we are and uses our situation into grace

Jn 8: 1-11 (Adulterous Woman) – the mercy of God

Mt 8: 5-13 (Centurion) – the faith of the centurion which brings life our sense of nothingness

Lk 19- 1-10 (Zacchaeus) – the true wealth

Mt 26:14-25 (Betrayal of Judas)


Points for Prayer and Reflection:

  • Do a contemplation on our Lord’s ministry of healing and reconciling.
  • Imagine Galilee ( or Jericho, or Samaria, or Capernaum, depending on the Gospel passage taken) and enter prayerfully into the Gospel scene, beholding the place, the disciples and the person(s) being healed.
  • What do you see? Hear? Smell? Touch? Taste?
  • Spend time going into the details of the healing and reconciling story, and slowly, in the end, focus on the Lord and gaze lovingly at his face.
  • What qualities and values of our Lord touch you, as you behold him healing and reconciling people?
  • After clarifying these qualities and values of our Lord (gentleness, compassionate heart, kind-heartedness, non-judgmental attitude) take time to beg for these very same Christic qualities and values.
  • God is God, healer-reconciler!
  • When were those times in your life when you felt God played the role of “Healer-Reconciler”? What did he heal/reconcile in you?
  • Examine yourself.
  • Right now, what aspects of your life need to be healed and/or reconciled?
  • When ready, come before the Lord and present these aspects for healing and reconciliation. Take time to just feel his healing and reconciling grace.
  • Dialogue with the Lord on all the points above.
  • Thank him for all his work of healing and reconciling in this broken world of ours and in your life.


insight from the listener:

  • God never left us; he stands by our side


(with fr.florge, sj)


(image from luis de morales – google images)



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