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Is There More To Life Than This?

Copyright (C) Darrell Young

In life, we all go through experiences that marked deeply in our hearts as if it was just a day or a week ago. There are events, too, that we deemed it didn’t happen to us or that we hope to erase it as soon as it comes to the fore.  In all these, we have to accept that it is either a consequence of an action done by us or apparently inflicted by others.   In each of these episodes, we underwent into a process of “passage.” This passage is the bridge that opens in us grace and revelation.  A passage that brought the peace we longed for or a discovery that leads to healing.  It may also be a passage of conversion, of forgiveness or acceptance of the painful realities that have happened in life’s past triggered by a present situation which needs sincere openness and humility.  Or a passage that simply invites us to let go.

The passage that Jesus will have to go through is similar to what we experienced in life, though, not parallel in gravity and willingness.  No one in the world lived life unmoved, untouched by life’s complexities.  Even Jesus has to enter into the complexities of human nature, the irreconcilable fickleness of the human heart yet grounds himself in the heart of his mission – “to do the Father’s Will”  and his identity – “the Beloved Son of the Father.”  Jesus’ passage as spoken to him by Elijah and Moses will be an occasion of grace and revelation. It is in this “passage” of which was spoken that salvation and forgiveness of sins will be brought forth.  This is the passage that bridges man back to God, the passage that made love tangible and visible; a passage which makes God-with-us to God-within-us.  The process will be tough and rough; it may demand too much from him but in the end, it’s a freedom he would do it over and over again because he knew it will be GRACE and he will never be broken in the process.

Easier said than done, though. But it is in this light that the gospel speaks to us.  Every passage that we go through is always GRACE.  And always, never failing, a REVELATION we have not known, or have feared to enter into.  It is only by submitting ourselves to the painful yet liberating process of life’s passages that we can deepen our faith and trust in God.  It is only in the reality of who we are- perfectly imperfect – that God can come and overshadow us with his GRACE and reveal to us WHO HE IS-  a father who delights in his beloved children.

Our life is filled with challenges. Some of these are tough and they break us.  Yet, there are those that bring bliss and have become sources of strength and inspiration to move on.   Our daily ordinary life’s experiences are not separate entities that have happened to us; rather these are pieces from God’s beautiful design for each one of us.  Embracing each moment of our life is living according to God’s will.  Our passage experiences become meaningful when we put them in the hands of God and allow them to be transfigured by his grace.  Jesus’ transfiguration is an affirmation to us that God is always with us if only we have the eyes to see His presence in our life.  He journeyed with us and walks ahead of us.   Thus, let us be keen to recognize God’ comings, or the passages that we are in, for these are just disguises of grace- God’s indwelling presence.




Second Sunday of Lent Reflection (Luke 9:28-36)







Member of Sisters of St.Paul of Chartres (SPC) Vocation Promotion, Program Coordinator for Catechetical Ministry, Pastoral Worker, Campus Minister, Blogger sometimes, Contributor: Philippine Echoes

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