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running water


 “… in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense. Thoroughly wash me from my guilt and of my sin cleanse me.” Ps. 51

As I read the Responsorial Psalm for Saturday (March 5) I was struck by this passage.  Immediately the image of running water flashed into my mind.  I was transported to a state where I was bathing. I could feel the warmth of the water rushing all over me, leaving me refreshed and cleansed. I am new again.

Looking back on my Lenten journey as I prepare myself for the celebration of the Paschal Mystery which will commence two weeks from now, I appreciate how this holy season of Lent brings us new life in Christ. Outwardly, Lent has been compared to a journey in the deserts, whose aridity is seen as a time for repentance and an opportunity for purification and conversion.  Looking deeper, we will discover that this holy season carries a well that never runs dry, an oasis of water to cleanse us and make us new person in and for Christ.

Running water such a beautiful image of God washing me as I continue my forty days sojourn in the desert of Lent.  My struggle to be faithful to observe my Lenten practices and sacrifices (which includes my constant failure), allows me to enter the process of cleansing.  It is not our faithfulness in fulfilling our Lenten practices and sacrifices that cleanse us but what happens inside us that makes us clean.  This process which is primarily a tug-of-war inside us a return to rejection with indifference or kindness, to serve or just to stay in my comfort zone, to keep loving instead or becoming bitter, to choose joy instead of hate, is the running water that wipes out our offenses, that thoroughly washes us from guilt and cleanses us from our sins.  God sees the heart, the deeper longing of the human heart.  God delights in the small steps that we take.

As we immerse ourselves deeply in the heart of this holy season, we cannot but thank God for His generous mercy pouring forth into us particularly during this Lent, which coincide with the celebration of the Year of Mercy.

Lent is the running water that cleanses each one of us from the layers of guilt and sin we all have and mercy is God’s blanket that wraps us, wiping, and removing every guilt and sins we have.  This season is holy indeed!

Enjoy the rest of the weeks in our Lenten bath before Easter!



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Member of Sisters of St.Paul of Chartres (SPC) Vocation Promotion, Program Coordinator for Catechetical Ministry, Pastoral Worker, Campus Minister, Blogger sometimes, Contributor: Philippine Echoes

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