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Old Wine Tastes Great


Whenever I come home for a short homevisit, my father gathers the family to pray the holy rosary at 9pm.

My parents are not that so-called very strict religious, my grandparents most probably do, but not them. They live out their faith simply but i believe profound and sincere.
We hear mass on Sundays as a family. We pray the rosary at past six in the evening. And begs, as we kneel before them ( parents and elderly at home), the night blessings as a custom in my paternal grandparents.
Growing up back in my early teens at ’90s,it did not dawn on me, how great this family tradition was. I was growing up and “doing” this kind of things except for the night’s blessing, was a bit tiring, at some other nights less fervent and sincere at prayer. But i have always appreciated the support and.encouragement my parents would give when i am being asked to join the church’s activities specially the “barangay” a Marian activity during the Month of May where the Blessed Virgin is being transferred from one house to another everynight. I love doing this!
Reflecting on my childhood years, I guess this is how my parents introduced me to love Mary. Not on a adult-imposing ways but child-like-ways: enjoy, learn, love.
My parents will not insist us to pray when “we dont want to.” They leave space for us children to be children once in a while. Prayer was not impose but gently taught.

As we prayed the rosary today, i got so struck. I felt so blessed. I felt awed when my 7 years old niece led the 5th mystery of the rosary and how she sincerely and seriously responded “Lord, have mercy and Pray for us” during the Litany of the Virgin Mary.

Filled with gratitude to God, that i could only gaze at my parents and offer them back to Him. It was this moment that i deeply appreciate my parents way of rearing us up in faith. SIMPLE. PROFOUND. ENJOY. LOVE.

well, I guess, im chronologically advancing in age as i can fully and.truly appreciate an old and well-known saying that expresses a general truth, “old wine tastes great.”



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