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A Different View


In Timor-Leste,I saw the building of a school dormitory with flooring and walls almost done but the posts still missing.  Fr. Raniel Nachima, SVD said that herre, without typhoons, floods and earthquake, building a house is easier, cheaper,and without worries about its foundation and security.

Our gospel today tells us that entering God’s eternal dwelling (built on love, justice, mercy, peace) isn’t at all easy, cheap and reassuring.  “For the gate is naroow and the road is hard that leads to life and there are few who find it.” (Mt. 7:14) It sets a condition which can make exclusion inevitable. “What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if you say you’ve faith but don’t have works? Can faith save you? (James 2:14).  Indeed, saying “Lord, lord” is not enough. Professing our faith, teaching and preaching the word of God are empty without the outward manifestations of doing the Father’s will.  Jesus tells his disciples that the Father’s will is abou taking care of the little ones- chidlren, the lost, outcasts, the sick, naked, hungry, thirsty, prisoners, strangers (Mt.18:25:35ff); about changing one’s mind, beliecing and working in the vienyard

St. Paul urges us to be rich in good works, generous and ready to share (1Tim 6:18) Just “saying ” is nt enough; it is too hypocritical. Just “doing” is neither enough; it is too secular.  saying and doing, listening and acting, praying ans performing, faith and good works must always go together.  As we begin this new liturgical season, let’s build our lvies and homes on the spirit of Christ’s Adventus.  Amidst life’s storms, we will never be ruined if our foundation and security are solidly built on the Eternal Rock, Jesus Christ.

Reflection by: Fr. Jay Baliao, SVD | TImor Leste Region

©2015 Society of Divine Word, Published by Logos Publication, Inc.

M Y  S A Y:

Our preparation for this advent of Christ, will always be meaningful if we “build” our celebration of Christmas in the Person of Jesus and not on our commercialize idea of Christmas as Happy Holiday, or of Santa Claus and reindeer, or parties here and there . Or the many “creative” ideas suggested to us by the market, which for one, IS not bad, but we fail to SEE the real meaning of the celebration.  That is why, at the end of the season, we find ourselves, empty-handed. And the we look forward to the next year’s christmas again.

But, really, let us practice, or atleast try to have a Christmas Season Examen. It will surely, make this year a lot different.







Member of Sisters of St.Paul of Chartres (SPC) Vocation Promotion, Program Coordinator for Catechetical Ministry, Pastoral Worker, Campus Minister, Blogger sometimes, Contributor: Philippine Echoes

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