Mt. 5:38-42         Teaching about Vengeance


Vindictiveness and vengefulness these are the kind of feelings that contributes to the escalation of violence.  This may look perfectly alright in a society that is fiercely jealous of its possession.  When something is exacted, a corresponding value must be paid.  It has no room for forgiveness.  The peace that ensues from such rigid possession rest uneasy and insecure.

This may be the reason why Jesus proposes a new way of seeing and evaluating what justice means.  He wants us to embrace the violence of others and transform it with our meekness and gentleness.  Now this calls for a real strength of the spirit and extraordinary self-discipline.  Violence coming from violent people if faced head on with violence will not solve the problem.  It will only postpone it to erupt again at a later time.  Whereas violence can be transformed if the violent heart finds understanding and the willingness to suffer for his or her transformation.  And once they forsake violence, we multiply the presence of people with goodwill.  Let this be our silent revolution to rid the world of violence.  Let our strength lie not in force but in love.


I Say . . .

With the situation the Philippines and the other parts of the world face, where violence strikes hard, and war seems the means of communication.  I can’t help but think of the many victims of hatred, of racism, of religious idealism which terrorizes the human heart.  So many of us are victims of our own false understanding of peace, of power, of unity.

When will our effort of peace and unity be heard, be seen, be real in a world wounded by our own wounds.  The cycle of violence will never stop.  The cycle of evil will never cease to devour human hearts unless I (we) choose to stop the cycle from within.  Unless I (we) choose to recognize that I am victim and I am perpetrator – the hurt I caused to others is the pain I feel within which I want to be healed but unable to find a better way to desire it.

Healing is a process which we have to go through inside out.  Eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth has been understood in a different light.  I must believe that when God instructed this, wants Israel to understand the sacredness of life.  That even the offense of a slightest degree must be rendered in full account, thus, making us steward of our own self and our neighbor- to protect.

Healing is a grace.  A process only I (you) can enter in.  Humility to accept our own woundedness is the beginning of wisdom. 

All have been wounded.  Let us not add up to the generations to come.  Let’s end the war outside by taming inside



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