Attitude and Dispositions, Choices, Life

Stop Right there!


I’m currently in Makati City, one hour and five minutes away from my mission area Culion, Palawan via air trip, but, if I take the boat trip that would be twelve hours.

Mission life is great but I needed a break. Yes! Routine works (sometimes) need redefining and reevaluation. Missionaries need air!

I hoped and prayed to have fresh air away from my mission-based work. I had in mind maybe an updating seminar, summer activities or better studies. And, God must be crazy to grant it. I’m sent for studies on Catechetical Formation in Institute for Catechetical Ministry, San Carlos Seminary.

Life would be great, it’s a two-month get-away from stresses and demands.

Breaking-free didn’t come easily, as i was filled with all assignments and requirements. My “get-away” didn’t go well with my plan.

I slept late in the evening to keep up with all those papers.

Despite those wee hours work, what struck me was this colleague , who when asked how was his papers doing, responded, “I’m not sure if I successfully sent the email to our Professor as I was just using my cellphone.” Shock, I said “You mean, you been up all this time, doing your paperworks in your cellphone?”

I had it wrong. I was ashamed.

Though, it’s a tug-of-war between beating up the deadline and enjoying my “time”, I’m deeply grateful, without which, I won’t be able to develop friendships and discover new things, and life-long learnings: (1) Not all hooked up with cellphones are doing social network thing, texting, etc. others are really working their patience to beat their concerns (2) stop the habit of quick judgment.

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